Clove Essential oil for toothaches (Best temporary treatment for toothaches in 2022)

essential oil for toothache

In addition to numerous oral problems as well as overall oral health, essential oil for toothache may be a safe and efficient remedy.

You know it when you have a toothache. You experience deep pressure around a tooth that makes it impossible to concentrate on your life on something else. Now it is important to note that you should check in with your dentist if you are having symptoms like these because essential oils are not a long-term remedy. Some people, however, believe that some forms of toothaches can be mildly relieved with these oils.

Best essential oil for toothache can be an all-natural and safe alternative to different oral conditions and promote oral health overall.

Clove Essential Oil for Toothache:

Since the 19th century, Eugenol was a chemical used in cloves in dentistry. Cloves and clove oil have long been used as a home remedy for toothache.

This article, provided by Daily Human Care, explores the facts of clove oil as a cure for toothache.

essential oil for toothache

Clove is a fragrant spice and has certain advantages for pearly whites as an essential oil. Clove essential oils are used for different oral health issues for a long time, and modern science has started to figure out why. Clove is a common component of toothpaste, mouthwashes, and other oral care products, as laboratory evidence indicates that eugenol, the key chemical component of cloves, has a variety of features that make it able to treat oral health.

These properties can encourage a proper inflammatory response, be calming, and cleanse the mouth, gums, and teeth in particular. Add two or three drops of cotton essential oil to the toothache and apply it to the infected region directly.

Is clove essential for toothaches?

For centuries clove oil has been used to alleviate tooth pain in Indian and Chinese traditional medicine.

How to treat toothaches using clove oil?

Clove oil contains a chemical known as eugenol, which is an anesthetic and antibacterial agent. Its oils are antifungal and anti-inflammatory.

It is available from or can be purchased online from various supermarkets, pharma, and health food stores. It has a good, humid, spicy flavor.

Dip the cotton swab or clean cloth into the oil, to use it in toothaches, and rub it over the gums at pain point.

Even whole cloves can be used. Only placed them several minutes a time on the affected area.

Is Essential Oil for Toothache effective?

When applied to the gums, clove oil can relieve toothaches.

Clove oil is applied to gums directly to minimize toothache for a long time. Eugenol is shown to be successful in combating various identified oral bacteria in clove oil. Eugenol-containing drugs are commonly used in dental medicine.

Some investigations have shown that clove gel in dentistry can reduce needle pain. There are additional tests to be performed until this is complete.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) tests, based on available data, the efficacy of such therapies. The classification of clove oil has recently been downgraded.

Now the FDA suggests that there is insufficient evidence to indicate that the toothache is successful and more study is needed.

Side effects of Clove Essential Oil for Toothache:

When applied to your skin, clove oil is usually healthy however regular use may have a side effect on your mouth and your gums.

Damage caused by the side effects can include the following areas:

  • Gums
  • The central part of the tooth, pulp, is made of the and cell and connective tissue
  • The skin in the mouth
  • In the mouth, mucosal membranes

Dehydrated cloves can cause sensitivity and discomfort inside the mouth and damage the dental tissue.

Clove oil intake for children can be harmful.

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Other essential oils for Toothache Prevention and  Healthy Teeth and Gums:

Essential oils nowadays are all rage. Essential oils have been used for years back to 2000 BC, known for their unique healing benefits and medicinal benefits. In recent years, health care has brought the growth of essential oils to a whole new perspective for applications such as aromatherapy, intake, and personal care. The following oils are the most effective oils for good, lovely, gums and teeth!


Clove is important for oral health in particular. Clinical trials show that clove oil can alleviate toothache and breathing problems as well as help to decrease gum disease! Clove oil has a natural ability to limit the growth of bacteria and can help to combat infections of the mouth and throat.


Thyme is in the mint family and therefore also used for oral health treatments in mouthwash and elixir. It contains natural chemicals that can protect you against tooth decay, gingivitis, and oral infections in general.


Oregano is a potent antioxidant proven to have anti-inflammatory effects to reduce infections of both bacteria and fungi. Oregano oil is also known for improving the immune system and can be used for oil-pulling treatments in conjunction with coconut oil!

Tea Tree:

Tea Tree is a natural bad respiratory remedy and requires plaque-depleting ingredients. Thanks to its ability to kill bacteria, decrease carry-out, and alleviate bleeding gum, this oil is an ideal ingredient for a DIY toothpaste.


The Peppermint has cooling and adoring elements to alleviate tooth and muscle pain efficiently. #5: Research shows that peppermint oil is extremely potent to combat oral pathogens and remove common bacteria that can contribute to carbohydrates and gum disease.


Cinnamon is antibacterial, antifungal, and antiseptic, making it a powerful cleanser for all oral medicinal needs, including sore throat relief! Cinnamon oil is perhaps the most effective antimicrobial defensive property against tooth decay bacteria.

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