Do you know What are the Benefits of Rehabilitation for Women | 2022

Benefits of Rehabilitation for Women

Benefits of Rehabilitation for Women

It is estimated that about 4.5% of women in India suffer from mental health disorders such as Anxiety, Depression, OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), Schizophrenia, Personality Disorders etc. A small margin of women in India suffers from substance abuse due to overuse of alcohol, nicotine-based products, marijuana, and other psychedelic drugs. The sad truth is that most of these issues with women go unnoticed as women hardly ever discuss this with anyone.

Today, there is more awareness about mental health thanks to the Women’s Rehabilitation Centre, which offers the support and reliability required for women to confront their issues and face them with courage and recover from them. There is a network of rehab centres across India that is run by some of the most prominent medical fraternity that is aware of the need for mental health wellness amongst Indians and is offering the best of care and treatment for those who need assistance with mental illness and substance abuse issues.

Benefits of Rehabilitation for Women

Why Rehab Centres for Women?

Women are less prone to mental health illness and are less at risk of developing addiction issues. Although only a small margin of women face these issues, the numbers are still large given the size of the population in India. It is also notable the fact that these numbers have been growing steadily in the last decade owing to the stressful situations women face today. Environmental stress, professional stress, family problems, and other issues that threaten women’s sanity can push them into mental health issues or make them vulnerable enough to substance abuse.

There is a lack of awareness amongst women when it comes to mental health issues. Most women never speak up about issues that they may face in real-time, especially in a patriarchal country such as India. Women’s issues are brushed aside even by their own families and societies. This has resulted in many women succumbing to problems such as alcohol addiction, drug addiction, over usage of tobacco/nicotine-based products, depression, anxiety, OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), Schizophrenia, Personality Disorders etc.

A Women’s rehabilitation centre in India is able to identify these issues and help such patients by providing a safe sanctuary for treatment and recovery from such cases. In medical problems where there is no recovery, women are taught to be able to be free and independent by providing vocational training, supported education and even help in employment for women for earning their own livelihood. Assisted living facilities help those who have permanent ailments such as Dementia and Schizophrenia.

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Benefits of Rehabilitation for Women

Below are some of the points that highlight why women should be provided rehab programs so that they can recover from such disorders:

  • Women serve as the backbone of every family, and therefore, a woman’s issue becomes a family issue and must be corrected as soon as possible
  • A woman with depression, anxiety or other disorder is likely to be exploited in the society
  • Women, unlike men, are rarely given an opportunity to speak up about their issues
  • Women with any mental disorders face more criticism and uproar than men
  • Centres of Rehabilitation for Women are very rare in India, and therefore most women shy away from ever wanting to get any treatment.
  • There is a great necessity for a safe and secure place for women who have mental or substance abuse disorders.

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