Best ways To Take Care Of Dry Skin In Winters | 2022

This post by Daily Human Care is all about “Take care of Dry skin in winters”.

If you do not wish to look like a white walker in this winter season, or you are tired of the ashy dryness on your skin? It is time to get your skin winter ready. 

Now that we are almost approaching Autumn, it is safe to say that winter is upon us. In these cold months, if there is one thing that we dread, it is the dry wrath of winter on our skin. Your lips and cheeks do get the worst of it, but your body also needs the skin.

So, let us understand more about dry skin care to get rid of crusty skin in winter and combat the season while keeping it looking healthy and glowing. 

Best ways To Take Care Of Dry Skin In Winters | 2022

1. Moisturize & Moisturize

Moisturizing is a part of your skincare that you absolutely cannot miss. If you have been using a water-based or a gel base moisturizer, then it must be time to switch to a heavy moisturizer that will sustain the winter.

You can specifically look for dermatological products suited for dry skin, and that can be your holy grail this winter. No matter if your skin is oily or if you suffer from acne, choose a specific moisturizer but ensure you are lathering a good amount before leaving. 

2. Sunscreen Is A Must

You will often hear that when the sun is glistening, sunscreen is a must, but most debate that during winters, why would you need sunscreen? It is winter when you need the sunscreen most because the environment is sucking up most of the moisture from your body, resulting in it being more fragile.

This will make the UV seep into your skin, making it more susceptible to early aging. So, if you do not wish to go through any signs of early aging, do not stuff the sunscreen back inside the vanity in the winter months.

3. Eat Healthy & Drink Plenty

Healthy eating can do wonders for your skin, no matter the season. In the dry season, keeping yourself hydrated can go hand in hand with hydrating your skin internally and keeping your mind refreshed. There are individuals who find themselves drowsy and down due to the lack of melanin in their bodies. The hydration will energize and keep you winter-ready.

Now, coming to food, you can start adding green leafy vegetables and berries, which are high in antioxidants and keep your skin glowing through the dry months. Beauty always comes internally to shine outside!

4. Start Oiling Your Skin

Oiling your skin is not an interesting prospect for everyone. We all hate leaving residues of oil everywhere we sit or touch, but that is a problem waiting to be solved. You just need a non-sticky oil exclusively made for the winter.

Oiling your skin not just helps you retain moisture in your skin, but it also helps to induce blood flow when you massage it deep in your skin. Moisturizing your skin with oil at night will protect you from the drought on your skin the freezing temperatures can bring.

5. Night Serums Are A Must

Night serums are not everyone’s ideal choice, especially individuals with oily acne-prone skin who do not like the idea of lapping extra oil on their face. However, if you check with your dermatologist and use the right ingredient for your face, you can moisturize your skin for the night without making your skin worse.

Serums with ingredients like tea-tree and retinol are good for oily skin. Winters tend to dry out your face a lot, and serum treatment can keep it moisturized throughout the night. With serum, get used to waking with healthy glowing skin. 

Now, You Are Winter Ready!

Now that you know some of the common ways in which you could prevent excessive dry skin from your body, it is now up to you to make the most of your winters. Sin always comes first when it comes to winter self-care.

The dry and crusty skin will not make you feel good. However, with the right hydration, you will already feel the warmth no matter the hail going outside. In winter, chapped lips can lead to excessive dryness and bleeding, but with moisturization, you can prevent it.

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