The Best Top 5 ophthalmologists in Mumbai | 2022

Top 5 ophthalmologists in Mumbai

In this article we are going to discuss Top 5 ophthalmologists in Mumbai.

Choosing the best eye care provider for yourself or your loved ones is a very important healthcare decision. After all, you need to trust them completely regarding the protection of your valuable organ and the sense of sight for an entire lifetime. 

The first step to making the right decision regarding selecting the right ophthalmologist is to have a clear understanding of what an ophthalmologist is and how he/she can help you with your eye and vision-related issues. 

So, here’s about who an ophthalmologist is and some names of the best ophthalmologist in Mumbai who takes care of your eyes perfectly.

What is an ophthalmologist?

An ophthalmologist is a medical expert or doctor who has a specialization in vision and eye care. Those professionals are skilled and trained in performing different types of eye tests, properly diagnosing and treating eye or vision-related ailments, prescribing the right medications, and performing eye surgeries effectively. They also write and provide prescriptions for contact lenses and glasses if needed.

Those eye and vision-care experts, known as an ophthalmologist, undergo extensive training for five years at a medical school. After earning a degree in medicine, they have to work for two years as a newly qualified doctor and, after that, seven years of training as an ophthalmic specialist.

All these training and skills make those medical experts the perfect options to trust with your sense of vision and eye health.

What does an ophthalmologist do?

They can give you a comprehensive eye exam. After that, they will assess your vision, test how your pupils react to light, make sure the muscles of your eyes are working properly, and check the alignment of your eyes. 

They will also look for the signs of glaucoma, cataracts, or other ailments of your eyes and optic nerves. For the best medical care, you can contact the best ophthalmologist in Mumbai

Now, you may wonder who the best eye doctor in Mumbai is. So, let’s go through the names of the top five ophthalmologists in Mumbai.

The top five ophthalmologists in Mumbai

Eye Solutions is the best and most popular eye hospital in Mumbai that has the best ophthalmologists for treating your eye and vision-related issues. Those medical experts understand the importance of the sensitive organ known as the eyes. 

They can treat you most effectively while taking great care and ensuring your peace of mind. The top five ophthalmologists in Mumbai are:

Top 5 ophthalmologists in Mumbai

  • Dr Svetlana Toshniwal

After completing her MBBS degree, Dr. Svetlana Toshniwal completed her DNB at Aditya Jyot eye hospital. After working in that same institute for several years, she set up her own eye care facility to treat different types of patients with her skills and expertise. She has been working as a famous eye consultant since 2015. 

  • Dr. Deepak Garg

Dr. Deepak Garg is no doubt one of the best ophthalmologists in Mumbai and is also an expert in treating cataracts. He is also the most trusted person in providing pediatric eye care. He did his ophthalmology training at Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai, one of the largest hospitals in Asia.

  • Dr. Urmi Shah

A trusted name in the field of medical retina and Cataract surgery is Dr. Urmi Shah. She had completed her MBBS degree from the famous institution Seth GS medical college and Mumbai’s KEM hospital.

  • Dr. Chinmay Nakhwa

Dr. Chinmay Nakhwa is the most trusted person whom you can trust with your vision and eyes. He is the best retina specialist and ophthalmologist in Mumbai. He has already performed numerous complicated retinal surgeries to give his patients the boon of perfect vision.

  • Dr. Rupali Sinha

The best Oculoplastic specialist in Mumbai is definitely Dr. Rupali Sinha. She is a specialist in offering treatments like performing plastic surgeries for droopy eyelids, ectropion, and entropion. She is also an expert in providing various types of cosmetic treatments for furrows, wrinkles, etc.

Therefore, the top ophthalmologist in Mumbai or eye doctor in Mumbai is the best professional whom you can completely trust.

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