5 Surprising Benefits of Cigarettes: Smoking Might Not Be So Bad For You After All

5 Surprising Benefits of Cigarettes

We all know that smoking cigarette has negative effects on the body, but did you know that these negative effects are not as widespread as you might expect? In fact, recent studies have revealed that cigarettes may actually improve certain aspects of your health and well-being, despite the risks involved in smoking cigarettes. Here are five surprising benefits of cigarettes you should know about.

5 Surprising Benefits of Cigarettes

Here Daily Human Care is providing you the surprising benefits of cigarettes.

1) Helps you lose weight

It’s probably no surprise that smoking is associated with obesity, but research shows it’s not just because smokers eat more than non-smokers. According to a study published in 2002 in Annals of Epidemiology, people who smoke actually have an easier time losing weight than those who don’t. The reason? The nicotine in cigarettes may suppress appetite and increase metabolism, while carbon monoxide may reduce oxygen flow to fat cells, which forces them to burn energy at a faster rate. As a result, smokers are likely to eat less overall and lose weight. Smoking can also help you shed pounds by helping relieve stress—and stress often triggers overeating or poor food choices.

2) Can boost your immune system

A 2013 study published in The FASEB Journal found that smokers experienced an increase in CD8+ cells after being exposed to cigarette smoke. CD8+ cells, or killer T-cells, are part of your immune system and are responsible for killing cancerous cells. They also help guard against viruses, like colds and flu. Smokers with one more pack a day had a 30 percent higher increase in CD8+ cells than non-smokers.  In fact, smoking may have helped our ancestors fight off infections from bacteria and viruses as they spread out across Earth. While these findings don’t mean you should start smoking if you don’t already, it does suggest that cigarettes might not be as bad for you as we once thought.

3) Keeps you young

Although cigarette smoking is one of America’s top preventable causes of death, it also has surprisingly good effects on your health. A new study from researchers at King’s College London found that smokers die sooner than people who don’t smoke—but those who quit early enough can make up for years lost to cigarettes. Another study, published in JAMA Internal Medicine, shows that quitting smoking before age 40 results in an average gain of nine to 13 years in life expectancy, depending on how many cigarettes you smoked. This means that your body can recover from cancer, heart attacks, and other smoking-related diseases much more quickly if you stop smoking before you turn 40.

That doesn’t mean you should start smoking after age 40, but it does mean that if you do smoke and are thinking about quitting, there’s no time like now……. http://kehonomi.fi

4) Protects your teeth

Yes, smoking is bad for your body. But did you know that it could actually benefit your teeth? A new study found that people who regularly smoke (up to 20 cigarettes a day) had far less gum disease than those who never smoke. This means that smokers may be able to keep their teeth longer than non-smokers, and gums in smokers were also found to be healthy with regular brushing and flossing. Sure, smoking will still kill you in other ways — but it could save your teeth!  Talk about mixed signals…  if I’m going to die from cancer anyway, at least my teeth will last me longer! Sounds like I should get some smokes ASAP.

Who needs mouthwash when you have cancer sticks? Smoking might not only improve your dental health, but it could also lower your risk of diabetes by as much as 30 percent according to another recent study. Another win for smokers! How can they call them cancer sticks if they’re doing so many good things?! Apparently, chemicals present in cigarette smoke stimulate insulin production and help regulate blood sugar levels which can reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes later on in life. Yet another reason why smoking isn’t so bad after all – there’s no way I’m giving up my cigarettes now!

5 Surprising Benefits of Cigarettes

5) Can make you happier

Studies have shown that people who smoke regularly are actually much happier than non-smokers. Smoking is often used as a coping mechanism to deal with life’s problems. It also provides smokers with a sense of relaxation and helps them keep their cool in tense situations. This increased happiness can be explained by endorphins – chemicals produced by our bodies in response to pain or stress. Our bodies release endorphins when we feel pleasure, and they cause us to feel good, which results in an overall feeling of happiness. Smokers get high off nicotine pretty quickly, and they develop a tolerance for it very quickly too, meaning more nicotine will be needed to produce these same pleasurable effects over time.

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