How can you cure your ankle pain permanently? |2023

Do you experience dull and aching pain in the ankle? Has your ankle swollen? Is there redness in the afflicted area of the ankle?

If yes, then Daily Human Care is here to help you because the signs indicate that you are suffering from ankle pain. Numerous people suffer from ankle pain at some point in time. Many younger as well as older people complain about sudden pain in the ankle.

Ankle pain

It may happen that you have worn high heels and you have sprained your ankle while walking. It may also happen that you are running to catch a bus and your ankle hurts. Ankle pain can happen due to many reasons. It is important to treat the pain in the ankle as early as possible. 

Leaving ankle pain untreated can put a halt to your movements. You will not be able to walk or run properly with the pain in the ankle. 

Get ankle pain treated by a medical provider as early as possible. Your medical professional will check the pain in the ankle and will suggest you take a painkiller. Of all painkillers, Pain O Soma 500 mg is one of the most effective painkillers. This medicine can treat moderate to severe pain in the ankle.

Brief Note About Ankle Pain 

You experience discomfort in the affected area of the ankle when you go through ankle pain. Usually, ankle pain gets better with home remedies, if the ankle pain is mild. In case the ankle pain is severe, it will need immediate treatment. 

Over-the-counter medications work best in mild pain in the ankle. In certain cases, physical therapy can also work best which helps prevent injuries and strengthen muscles in the ankles. 

Ankle pain can be mild or severe. Mild pain in the ankle goes away within a few days with the help of home remedies. Severe ankle pain calls for treatments from an experienced healthcare physician. Healthcare professionals treat severe ankle pain with splits and braces. If the pain is more severe, surgery and injections may also be used to treat chronic ankle pain. 

There are various reasons behind ankle pain. The most common reasons are arthritis, injuries, and normal wear and tear. Depending on the reason, people may feel stiffness in any part of the ankle. Patients may realize that their ankles are swollen and they cannot put any weight on the affected ankle. 

The Basics of Remedies to Cure Ankle Pain

Ankle pain gets better with home remedies or rest. Over-the-counter medications can also help relieve patients from ankle pain. If the pain in the ankle is due to arthritis or injuries, doctors prescribe medications. At times, ankle pain gets cured without surgery. If patients suffer from a broken ankle bone, surgery may be the only way to get their ankle treated. 

If an ankle fails to get treated with a non-surgical method, surgery becomes the only treatment option. At times, healthcare professionals opt for physical therapy which helps support your ankles and feet. 

At the same time, physical therapy can also strengthen muscles that are connected to your ankles and feet. Physical therapy can help relieve pain in the ankle and can also prevent injuries in the ankle in the future. 

Who Is Affected By Ankle Pain? 

Ankle injuries and ankle pain are quite common which happens to some people. People of all age groups are affected by ankle pain. It is observed that people who have crossed 65 years of age are more susceptible to ankle injuries or ankle pain. People who change their directions quickly are also prone to ankle pain. 

People who do physical activities or play sports often have a high chance to suffer from ankle pain. People who do jumping activities a lot also have a higher risk of suffering from ankle pain. People who are overweight or tend to put on a lot of weight have a high risk of suffering from ankle pain.

Prime Reasons For Ankle Pain 

Ankle pain


Bursitis are sacs that are filled with fluid which are known as bursae that cushion your bones while moving. Bursitis takes place when their sacs tend to be inflamed and irritated.


One of the common reasons for ankle pain is a sprained ankle. An ankle sprains when ligaments tear or stretch. Twisted or sprained ankles take place when the ankle rolls with force from its normal position. 


An injury or accident can make the bones of the ankles break. Fractures in the ankles range from mild to severe. Broken ankles may likely involve bones of the ankle joint. Broken ankles make your ankles hurt and swell at the same time. 


Tendinitis is the inflamed or irritated tendons. When the injury happens in the soft tissues of the tendons, tendinitis takes place. It is important to know that the tendons are connected to muscles and bones. The tendon may tear. In many cases, a torn tendon may require surgery.

Health Issues That Occur Ankle Pain 


If you experience stiffness and pain in the joints of the ankle, it is due to arthritis. When cartilage breaks down, arthritis occurs in people. It is the breakdown that leads the bones to rub together. Overuse of ankles and injuries can lead to arthritis. It is observed that people who are above 65 years of age are more susceptible to arthritis. Various types of arthritis can impact your ankles. Common types of arthritis include osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. 


Gout is a type of arthritis that results from the buildup of uric acid all over the body. Uric acid releases through urine. If there are excess uric acid levels in the body, they can create crystals that settle in the joints. As a result, gout in the ankle occurs. People experience excruciating pain when gout in the ankle makes place. 


Flatfoot is a low arch that can lead to swelling and pain in the feet and ankles. At times, it may happen that the kids’ arches do not develop properly in their growing years. As a result, the flatfoot problem takes place in adults. 


Various types of infections can lead to ankle pain. Cellulitis leads to pain and swelling in the joints of the ankle. As a result, an infection in the bone of the ankle may occur in human beings. 

Tips To Cure Ankle Pain Permanently 

Adequate Rest: 

When you experience ankle pain, you need to rest your affected ankles. Stay off your feet for a while if you have sprained your ankle. Talk to your healthcare physician about how long you need to rest your ankle. Walking barefoot or on crutches will not put weight on your ankles.

Apply Ice:

Reduce swelling in the ankle with the help of ice packs. Keep applying a cold compress to the affected area of the ankle every 20 minutes. 

Have Over-the-counter Medications:

Reduce swelling in the ankles with Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). You can also lessen inflammation in the ankles with Pain O Soma 350 mg tablets. 

Elevate Your Ankles:

Elevation is one of the best ways to get relief from ankle pain. Elevate your ankles over the pillows and rest your ankles. 

Right Footwear:

Make sure you wear the right footwear that supports your foot and ankle. Avoid wearing high heels, sandals, loose footwear, or flip-flops. Wear the right type of footwear while playing sports. Make sure the footwear you wear should not be too tight or too loose. 

Bottom line 

If you want to walk freely, it is necessary to safeguard your ankles from sprain and pain. Follow the aforementioned tips to cure ankle pain.

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