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This post by Daily Human Care is all about Dilation Test and When You Need One. Let’s start! 


What is a Dilation Eye Test?


A dilated eye test is part of an extensive eye checkup in which optometrist examines your vision, establishes your vision prescription where necessary and evaluates the well-being of your eyes. 


This test is performed while the pupils are dilated to enable the optometrist to get a clear view of retinas and optic nerves with the help of magnifying lenses and advanced light sources. 


Dilation test

When Do You Need One?


When Your Eyesight is Getting Worse


If your vision is continually getting blurry, you may be enduring a decline in your vision. If this is the situation, it’s necessary to book a date with an ophthalmologist immediately to establish the cause and get the necessary treatment. 


More often, deteriorating vision is a result of a refractive error including nearsightedness and farsightedness. This implies that your eye can hardly focus light prompting images to appear blurry. In addition, you may encounter difficulties focusing on nearby or far away objects. In such a case, your eye doctor may prescribe corrective lenses or surgery to remedy your vision. 


Also, your eyesight could be deteriorating due to severe conditions such as cataracts or glaucoma. Cataracts happen when the lens of your eye get clouded, giving rise to blurred vision. Glaucoma is a condition that prompts pressure increase inside your eye resulting in vision loss. Both of these eye issues necessitate urgent medical care and can usually be remedied with surgery or medication. 


When You Experience Continuous Headaches


Headaches are a typical indication of eyesight problems and if you’re a victim of frequent headaches, it could a tell-tale sign that it’s time to schedule an eye checkup with your eye doctor. Continuous headaches can be a symptom of your eyes struggling to concentrate or compensate for blurred vision. In some instances, this can even result in headaches that are severe or persistent than normal. If you have been enduring persistent headaches, it is vital to have your eyes examined in order to establish whether you need to tinker your prescription or embark on wearing glasses. A dilation eye test can aid in unearthing the existing issues before they can deteriorate further. 


When You Have Difficulty Seeing in Dim Light


If you often strain to see in low light settings, including at night or in lowly lit rooms, it could be an indication that it’s time to get a dilation eye exam. Trouble seeing in dim light can be a sign of nearsightedness or it could be a pointer of other serious conditions such as macular degeneration, cataracts and glaucoma. 


During the pupil dilation test, the doctor can check out your eyes for any absurdities or signs of disease. Therefore, it is vital to have your eyes dilated if you enduring trouble seeing in dim light because this could point out to a problem with your cornea or lens. Your optometrist may prescribe specific treatments or corrective lenses that can aid in enhancing your vision and make it easy to see in low light settings. 


When Your Eyes are Red and Sore


If you always experience itchiness, redness and soreness, it could be a pointer that you need a dilation eye exam. Typically, redness and soreness are a result of the inflammation of the eye. This can give rise to disturbing irritation, dull vision and a feeling of presence of something in your eye. If the redness is coupled with light sensitivity, this could be an indication of an underlying problem. 


In case the redness and soreness becomes chronic or persistent, you should consider going for a dilation test. In the course of the test, the doctor will dilate the pupils so they can get a better view of what is happening with your eyes. If a diagnosis is undertaken, you will be able to tell the most appropriate course of treatment.

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