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The Hair System

Initially, hair loss was something for older adults, but the modern trend has become a common practice even for younger people. Besides, the effect cuts across all the regions, and this process, when it starts without proper care, can fall abruptly. However, the loss of hair loss ratio and seasons are not similar for everyone, and thus their treatment options could be different.

However, a study has indicated that hair loss is a continuous process, and when one approaches their 20s, they can have 20% noticeable hair loss. Its rate increases when they continue advancing in years; when they are in their 30s, it could escalate up to 25%. When one is approaching the 50s, the rate of hair loss is high, and they can lose up to 50% of noticeable hair and 66% when they are over 60 years. There is numerous reason for hair loss at a younger age; however, some could be hereditary.

What is a hair system?

If one is experiencing extensive hair loss, there are numerous procedures for tackling it, but the most practical method that has been tested and proved to be effective is the hair system. A hair system is a patch, partial or full wig that is manufactured using synthetics or hair quality natural human hair with a thin base to help cover baldness on the scalp. There are various hair unit recommendations, but they all depend on how badly one has lost hair. Thus a hair unit can cover the entire scalp or part of it.

Besides, some of the hair units have already been manufactured; yours is to find the one that meets your demands and fits you comfortably. Or the other alternative is to place an order for them to manufacture based on your customizations, but what you should consider the most is the color, as it should blend well with your skin complexity to bring a natural appearance. Also, depending on how severe it is, you can recommend the best texture, but hair systems are the best and very affordable.

How do modern hair systems work?

Initially, treating hair loss was very expensive as the only available method was surgical treatments. With the advanced technology, things became easy and affordable to most people as there were other alternative ways like non-surgical methods that were introduced, and they were very effective.

The previous method faced some common drawbacks that were difficult to address, but the modern hair system has addressed them, for instance, sweating, sleep, and showering.

With the old methods, sweating was used to loosen the bonds between the hair system and the scalp affecting the appearance of the hair system, but with the modern hair system, that has been addressed and is not there anymore. However, one is advised to use the right hair system and a suitable adhesive.

Also, initially for one to take a healthy sleep, they were required to take off their toupee to avoid damaging it. But now that is something of the past, the modern hair system is of high quality, and when they are properly installed, you don’t need to take them off every night. Furthermore, one can now shower with their modern hair system; however, they should be cautious to avoid manipulating it. It is advisable to shower with it at least once per week using the appropriate shampoo to ensure you are taking good care of it.

Which is the best hair system?

There are different types of hair systems, but the most common ones are mesh fabric, lace, and polyurethane. Thus defining the best hair system will be determined by user preferences and demands, and thus to clarify it as the best is the one the wearer has won. However, there are some things that one can consider before purchasing their best. These factors can influence the choice of the wearer.

· Base material

The base material is the one that holds the hair unit into the scalp of the wearer, and thus they are manufactured from different materials. Some are made from lace while others are from poly; thus, choosing between them will depend on your demands. For instance, breathability and flexibility, there are some that are most effective compared to others. Therefore, to people who are more on flexibility and breathability, lace is more practical; however, to those seeking versatility, poly seems to be the best situated for that.

· Hair texture

This is also another common influence because there are different hair textures and variations. Besides, the materials used in manufacturing the hair unit will influence the hair texture. For instance, those made from synthetic strands will have a different texture from those made from natural human hair.

· Hair Color

To ensure the hair system blends well with your natural hair, color is a crucial element. Besides, if one decides to settle on the human natural hair system but the color does not blend well with theirs, they could easily dye it to the color they prefer.

How to attach the hair system?

The procedure is very easy and takes less time. Therefore, before beginning the installation, prepare the scalp by removing all the hair on the area where the hair system will be applied. Then estimate the coverage area by some markings and use adhesive glue to attach the hair system to that region. Ensure you apply the glue to all the areas the hair system will cover. Then proceed with the installation, and you can style it depending on the wearer’s preferences.


Besides hair loss being very high, some preventive mechanisms could be employed and the modern ones has made things easier and more effective. All you have to do is to find the best hair system that will suit your scalp nicely. Also, you do not need to have baldness to use modern hair systems, and they can be used for styling too.

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