6 Benefits Of Alcohol and Drug Testing In An Organization | 2022


Testing drugs and Alcohol In Organization

It is possible for employers to screen job applicants for drug and alcohol use when they apply for a job. Employers require this as a condition of applying for certain positions. Thus, it can be seen that a pre-employment drug and alcohol test is an important part of the screening process that ensures that prospective employees are fit for the job and can perform effectively. Blood tests are commonly used to screen for drugs such as amphetamines, cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamines, opiates, nicotine, and alcohol, and these are the common drugs that are screened for in blood tests.

The benefits both the employer and the employee can reap from implementing a comprehensive workplace drug testing program, whether it is a part of pre-employment or an on-the-job program, are abundant. There are many benefits to an organization that are associated with drug and alcohol testing, but here are six that are particularly relevant.

Workplace Safety is Promoted

Because workplace drug testing promotes workplace health and safety, it is perhaps the single biggest benefit of workplace drug testing. It is especially important for safety-sensitive jobs such as those that require handling chemicals, operating heavy machinery, and operating vehicles for your company (such as those found in the oil and gas, manufacturing, and construction industries).

There is a significant increase in the risk of workplace accidents if they are working while impaired by their drugs of choice, regardless if they are on ice or if they are under the influence of alcohol. However, regardless of the industry in which a workplace accident occurs, it can be very serious and cause significant financial losses, injuries and even fatalities. The downside of this is that your company will be exposed to a whole array of responsibilities and public relations issues.

Productivity increases when safety is improved

An injury-free workplace is a pretty good indicator of a safe work environment, as drug testing reduces accidents. It is only natural that that will motivate employees to become more productive, knowing that their employers will do everything in their power to ensure the safety of their workers while at work. An overall increase in job performance and employee morale have been consistently noted by companies that have implemented comprehensive drug testing programs at their workplaces.


Drug tests can be used to screen candidates for employment

Pre-employment drug testing is seen by some employers as an unnecessary expense. Although this might not seem like a big deal, you begin to realize the value quickly when you consider the potential costs of dealing with a drug user within your company. What would you do if you suspected someone in your company was using illicit drugs? At what point would you find out about it? Before an employee is hired, it is better to screen them for alcohol and drug use.

Boosts employee morale

A workplace where drugs are abused can be a troublesome place for everyone. It is reassuring for employees to see that a drug testing program is being strictly enforced, since they understand how committed their employer is to providing a safe work environment. Having a pleasant working environment is always a positive thing for an organization, and it raises morale among staff members.

Reduces the likelihood of workplace conflict/violence

People who abuse drugs, especially those addicted to stimulant drugs such as cocaine or ice, tend to behave aggressively. Testing drug will assist the organization in identifying and dealing with drug abusing employees in advance of any conflict or violence arising.

Workplaces become healthier due to it

It is known that drug abuse is associated with many health risks. In deterring employees from using drugs at work and informing them about the risks involved, drug testing can contribute significantly to making workplaces healthier by deterring employees from using drugs at work.


Any organization, regardless of its industry, can benefit from testing drugs and alcohol. Some of the benefits of workplace drug and alcohol testing have been demonstrated by the proponents of the program. It is therefore imperative that your company develops and implements a comprehensive workplace drug and alcohol testing program as soon as possible if you don’t already have one.

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