Healing crystals: find the best crystals for you in 2022


This article by Daily human care is all about healing crystals. In this post, you will be introduced to some of the best crystals that were used for healing

Are Healing Crystals Worth It?

Healing Crystals have been a part of every civilization’s history. People were aware of the power of crystals, especially the healing powers they possessed.

There are various crystals to solve the problems one faces in life, such as sadness, lack of love life, anger control issues, etc. One who wears these crystals to control or lessen these extreme feelings will have a stable lifestyle.

These stones have become a necessity for today’s generation, who suffer from stress, anxiety, depression, loneliness, hypertension, etc. If you encounter any issues affecting your feelings/emotions, you can visit an expert in healing crystals or a crystal shop to choose a stone that will help you solve or lessen these issues.


Now, if you are searching for healing stones, this article will help you choose one. Even now, you can find a crystal shop selling these precious stones with different abilities. Following are some of the healing crystals that you can try:

Amethyst crystals

This stone is popularly known as the master healer. It has a beautiful pinkish purple hue that will mesmerize you at first glance itself. Its mineral composition is Silicon Dioxide, which targets the crown and third eye chakra.


  • Protection against negative energies
  • Helps fight insomnia
  • Minimal stress
  • Less anxiety
  • Anger will be less and decrease of depression
  • Helps in de-addiction
  • Improves concentration
  • Strengthens immunity

Rose quartz crystals

This is a stone of love. The quartz crystal has a pinkish hue and is a mixture of silicon dioxide and iron. Its target is the chakra of the heart.


  • Helps build relationships
  • Encourages forgiveness
  • Increases belief in one’s ability
  • Builds self-esteem
  • It calms your soul and mind

Amazonite crystals

This is a stone of courage and truth. This gemstone has a shade of green and a subtle white pattern—the minerals in this crystal target three chakras: thymus, heart, and throat chakra.


  • Helps develop courage
  • It helps overcome emotional stress
  • Enhances one’s creativity
  • Great for heart and nervous system
  • It brings good luck, propensity, and abundance to life
  • It makes your wish come true
  • Builds trust and attract new opportunities

Red jasper

This crystal comprises silicon dioxide and iron oxide, and this stone has a red hue that is sometimes dull or gets bright based on the site it is from. This one targets root chakra.


  • It helps one stay grounded in life
  • Stability in life
  • Enhances the functioning of the reproductive system (male)
  • Boosts stamina and sex life
  • Brings prosperity

Clear quartz crystals

This crystal is known as “The Universal Crystal ” for its power to target all the spiritual chakras. This stone is made of silicon dioxide and helps in improving one’s physical and spiritual health. You can find a crystal shop that sells this stone near your home.


  • Enhances health and power of other stones
  • Strengthens your aura
  • Provides spiritual guidance to lost souls
  • Utilized in gemstone grids to channel a perpetual flow of energy
  • Offers energy and positive vibes in the home
  • The immune system shows improvement when one wears this


This crystal is also known as the stone of rebirth. This stone has a vibrant purple hue and has silicate alone in mineral composition.

It is known to target all chakra.


  • It contains minerals prescribed for antidepressant medicines. It works as a natural depressant.
  • It helps you find a deep meditative state of mind
  • This stone helps you get out of insomnia and sleep better
  • Great for students who lack concentration power
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