5 Best Hygiene Practices to Adopt In Daily Life


Why is your hygiene Important?

Taking care of our hygiene is vital for many reasons. It ensures that we stay clean, which helps safeguard us from various germs and diseases. It is all the more crucial now because we are in the middle of a pandemic with the coronavirus capable of spreading rapidly. Practising good hygiene can also help you feel good about yourself, which is always good for your mental health. However, most people live busy lives, making it difficult for people to take care of every aspect of their hygiene. There is a need for them to prioritise certain practices as part of their daily lives.


1. Bathing regularly

Taking baths and having a shower regularly is a great hygienic practice to implement in your daily life. For some, it may seem tedious because not everyone can take the time to wash their whole body. However, to be clean, it would suffice that you simply wash your body and hair often. The reason is that we are constantly shedding skin, and by washing yourself, you can remove these dead skin cells. Otherwise, these can accumulate on your body, which can lead to illness if left. Washing yourself every day also helps deal with body odour from stale sweat. A few minutes of shower is ample time for you to clean your whole body.

2. Cleaning your teeth

Brushing your teeth twice a day is the recommended amount, but ideally, you should do it after every meal to prevent plaque buildup. This is because brushing helps deal with any bacteria that may accumulate in your mouth, which can cause conditions like gum disease and tooth decay. Unhealthy gums can be a problem later on in life as they can cause teeth to loosen, which will make it difficult for you to eat. Cleaning your teeth also prevents bad breath. Flossing and using a mouthwash can also help you to maintain good dental hygiene. Going to the dentist every six months for checkups and cleanings is good practice.

3. Wearing the mask

Wearing a mask is an essential practice to implement in your daily life, where instructed. This is because it can protect everyone from the spread of the COVID-19 virus that is currently prevalent in society. The virus can spread through talking, breathing, sneezing, and coughing. This is because contaminated airborne particles and droplets can circulate through them. Wearing a mask can help protect you from breathing them in and prevent their spread if you are infected. This is why so many organisations and authorities require it. Your mask must cover your nose and mouth so that it serves its purpose effectively.

4. Washing Hands

This might seem pretty straightforward, but surprisingly, not many people seem to care about it. Some people will still eat food, cough, sneeze, and touch everything without washing their hands. Since our hands are involved with everything we do, they are the main ways in which viruses and bacteria can spread to us. Therefore, washing your hands regularly is crucial to protect yourself from harmful germs and viruses. Wash your hands with antibacterial soap and keep a sanitizer with you in case soap and water are not within reach. You can make use of a toilet hand dryer alongside so that you can dry your hands without coming into contact with a towel that perhaps someone else has used.

5. Wearing clean clothes

Wearing clean clothes is another hygienic practice you can implement in your daily life. It helps prevent body odour resulting from sweat and dirt accumulating on the body. Dirty clothes make this process a lot faster as they can end up trapping some of the scents on your body by absorbing sweat. Additionally, clean clothes will also protect you from skin infections. Therefore, clean your clothes with laundry soap and detergent to keep them clean. Additionally, sun drying your clothes after washing them can help kill parasites and germs that can cause diseases.

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Taking care of hygiene is crucial to protect ourselves from diseases and take care of our mental health. It is all the more critical because of the coronavirus pandemic that has been rampant in the last few years. People recommend so many hygienic practices that it can be challenging to ascertain which one we should prioritize in our busy lives. We have discussed some of the most important ones to adopt in your daily life to safeguard your hygiene.

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