Is reflexology for constipation Effective? | 2022

reflexology for constipation

Is reflexology for constipation Effective?

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is focused on the premise that the feet and hands represent all of our body parts and body systems. In the corresponding part of the body or for the entire child, gentle massage and soothing touches refer to particular areas.

What is constipation?

Constipation takes place when your bowel movements are less common (less than three times a week) or difficult to get through. It may last for several weeks or longer to decrease bowel movements. Your stools can often be difficult and dry.

Constipation is one of the United States’ most common digestive disorders. According to the National Institute of diabetes and digestive and kidney disease, about 16 out of every 100 American adults have signs of constipation.

Can massages provide relief?

By helping you release gas and waste products, daily massages will alleviate your constipation. They can also help treat any problems underlying or surrounding them. Regular massage, for example, may decrease tension and minimise the discomfort in conjunction with bowel syndrome.

Abdominal massages are known to be particularly helpful for constipation, although other types of massage may also be used. For this massage, you can use beverage, argan or coconut oil.

See the benefits of coconut essential oil.

What can you do for severe constipation?

  • Drink two to four glasses extra a day, except for another occasion, if your doctor advises you to restrict fluids.
  • Especially in the morning, try warm liquids.
  • Increase your diet with fruits and vegetables.
  • Eat prunes and cereal bran.
  • Mostly workout during the week.
  • The need to poop is not dismissed.

Baby reflexology for constipation

How will help baby with constipation?

  • Your touch activates hormones to alleviate pain and senses endorphins
  • Massage of certain points will relieve the respective areas of the body
  • Encourages peace, calm and relaxation
  • Help the immune system
  • Sleep more deeply and restfully
  • It makes your baby feel healthy, safe, understandable and relaxed

 Specific points on the feet to help with constipation

  1. Underneath the foot’s ball in the middle is a solar plexus. This leads to calmness and satisfaction.
  2. Beautiful technology is known as bowel sweep that allows the large intestines to flow.
  3. Stomach points to alleviate the sore stomach and lead to relaxation.
  4. Heeltap. It Stimulates all endings of the nerves.

reflexology for constipation

Foot Reflexology for Constipation

Foot massages can be used to relieve constipation, also known as reflexology.

Research from 2003 has shown that, since the reflexology, children with constipation have improved the symptoms. In the span of six weeks, the children had six 30-minute sessions. The procedure has also contributed to encopresis, also known as faecal soiling. That is what we are doing:

  1. Use your thumb to rub the centre of your right foot, to move to the outer side.
  2. Then go up to the centre of your foot.
  3. Massage through the centre of your right foot, then move to your left foot—outwards edge massage.
  4. Then massage down to the middle of your left heel around the edge.
  5. Finish with massage to the left foot inside.

Hand reflexology for constipation

Reflexology may lead to relief of both physical and emotional constipation causes. A small study from 2010 showed that 94 percent of participants reported fewer constipation symptoms after six weeks of hand reflection.

Many of them have decreased anxiety and depression symptoms, implying that the hand’s reflexology is particularly useful for constipation, causing stress. However, only 19 participants participated in the research, so more detailed studies are required.

Try it by finding the pressure point with Large Intestine 4 (LI4). It is between your finger and thumb. Use your fingertips to press this fleshy webbing for 1 minute on your right hand. On the left hand, repeat. This pressure point is also a good focus for general pain alleviation, and many people have found this.

What is the pressure point for constipation?

For constipation, the region around and including Sanjiao 6 is the most significant. The Sanjiao 6 spot, which is Sanjiao 5, can be massaged from the rear of the wrist, with two finger widths. Both are useful for treating large intestine stagnation that prevents items from movement.

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