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What is a wild orange essential oil used for?

Orange essential oil may be used for a variety of applications that range from elevating mood and reducing stress to adding a new, citrusy fragrance to a room. Research has shown that essential orange oil can have several advantages. Antimicrobial activity, pain relief and cancer properties are some examples.


Unlike any orange we know of and can use as you would Sweet Orange, the Wild Orange is deep, rich, tangy, sweet – definitely fascinating to use in natural perfuming and in other instances where Orange oil is needed. In reality, Wild Orange is one of our best-selling citrus oils, possibly due to the deliciously unique tangy flavour of this oil!

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The earliest references to distilled citrus essential oils were first recorded in the 1500s and first described in Bergamot in the late 1600s. The first mention of the cold speech or squeezing of citrus skins was in the 1700s, but the first patent on mechanising the extraction process appeared only in 1908. However, it was only in 1947 that new methods were used to extract essential oil without adding the juice.

Since most essential citrus peel oils contain very high limonene content (up to 95%), aromas that are more similar to those of them would be expected. The fact that essential oils from Orange, Lemon, Lime and Grapefruit smell differently because of components that amount to less than 5 percent of the total oil is undeniable. Remarkably, orange oil of the same species can differ aromatically based on less than 1%.

Apart from the high pesticide resistance in Bergamot fruits, most citrus plants are heavily sprayed with pesticides. The use of wild-growth and organic citrus peel oil in aromatherapy is favoured because the insecticides on citrus plants appear to accumulate in the outer skin and are detected by GC-MS examination cold-pressed or distilled oils. Free from any human intrusion, wild botanicals usually have a vibrancy and determination that appears in their random performance and structure.
Their confident style and gestural adaptability, not just to survive but also to succeed in adverse conditions, makes their essential oils so spirited, irresistible and living. Wild Orange in the diffuser gives the nursery, office, bath or your private studio, a cheering tone and an uplifting ‘wildly’ familiar scent!

Is Wild orange essential oil good for skin?

This oil will reduce tension and breakouts. And although health efficiency research is minimal, orange essential oils can also help alleviate stress and anxiety (when used as aromatherapy) and boost acne (when used topically).

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Is Orange essential oil good for sleep?

Avoid citrus oil before bedtime. Before bedtime. Think of the essential oil of grapefruit, lemon and orange: they can smell good, but their acidic fragrance strengthens and sparks mental alertness compared to what you need if you need rest.

Wild Orange Essential Oil Benefits and Uses

    1. Perhaps one of the most recognisable attributes of Wild Orange is its pungent scent. The firm, sweet citrus flavour of Wild Orange will help purify the air, promote and stimulate a relaxing environment, or make your home feel good. Put a few drops on your air filter home to use the purifying power and fragrance of Wild Orange oil. This enhances the scent of your home while at the same time, purifying the air.
    2. Perhaps one of the most recognisable attributes of Wild Orange is its pungent scent. The firm, sweet citrus fragrance of wild orange will help cleanse the air, stimulate and relax, or create a pleasant aroma. Put a few drops onto your air filter at home to use the purifying force and fragrance of essential wild orange oil. This improves the scent of your home while simultaneously purifying the air.
    3. Do you want to give Wild Orange an excellent taste to your breakfast? We have the best recipes to make your morning more fun if you feel lenient. You would not want to go back to a plain French breakfast toast after the exciting twist of this classic recipe. Suppose you don’t have the time to make French toast in the morning. These sweet little briers will give your day a lovely start with other flavours such as cinnamon, blueberry and cocoa.
    4. While many people scatter wild orange oil to purify the air, it can also improve mood and energy sensations. Consider spreading it to a revitalising scent at the beginning of a busy day that will help you in every job. If you encounter an energy deficiency late at night or early at night, Wild Orange can be extended to increase your mood and consciousness.
    5. The ability to polish wood furniture — a feature also found in essential citrus oils-is another remarkable benefit of Wild Orange essential oil. You can easily make your furniture polished in your home with a spray bottle by combining olive oil, vinegar and crucial Wild orange oil. The mixture gives life to old tables, chairs or wood floors, removing dust and stupidity to the furniture.
    6. People are pleased with the revitalising smell of the essential Wild Orange oil. While it is possible to enjoy the Wild Orange scent by spreading the oil, the essential Wild Orange oil can also be used topically for the energy. Apply one or two drops of essential oils to your palm with equal parts of peppermint and Frankincense to achieve an energy-efficient boost. Rub the mixture on the back of your neck to keep up. If you want to have energy in the morning, add a few drops of essential Wild Orange oil to your body for a relaxing shower.
    7. The vital Wild Orange oil will support the immune system if needed. Consider using one or two drops to maintain a healthy immune system on a capsule during cold weather periods.  When you drink tea daily, add wild orange drops to your favourite tea if you want to improve your immune system.  You should add just a drop of Wild Orange to a glass of water every day to add flavour and improve health overall.
    8. The natural and sweet scent of wild orange oil is a perfect addition to all beauty items made from home. After days of applying this citrus body butter with ingredients such as shea butter, coconut oil, essential grapefruit oil and wild orange essential oil, and after moisturising your skin with wild orange essential oil, your skin will be smooth to deliver delicious natural lip baking.
    9. While Wild Orange essential oil is a delicious addition to your breakfast, lunch, or dinner, drinks and smoothies are also popular. The possible combinations of fruit and essential oils are endless when a smoothie is made. It blends the delightful flavours of mangos, strawberries and bananas with the distinctive taste of the essential wild orange oil. You are right to start your day if you want a balanced smoothie. Your taste buds will hop for joy

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