The Complete Guide to Aprima and Praxis EMRs | 2022

The Complete Guide to Aprima and Praxis EMRs

In this article, we are going to discuss The Complete Guide to Aprima and Praxis EMRs.

What is Aprima EMR Software? How it is a helpful EMR for your Practice?

Aprima Medical Software is a collection of health IT services specifically designed for the user. It’s available on each of the Android and iOS platforms. The software is suitable for any size of Practice.
They developed the EHR software to be extremely fast, which allows healthcare professionals to rapidly and accurately enter patients’ data quickly and accurately. Aprima EHR is an all-in-one application that is built on a single database and can seamlessly integrate with Aprima’s Practice Management system to increase efficiency.

Aprima concentrates on a clinical method of healthcare. There aren’t any templates for charting which allow users to reduce time and follow the procedure they’ve been trained to use and learn about the preferences of the doctor when working.

Aprima is committed to your success, whether you’re transitioning from a paper-based system or an alternative EHR and one that makes it easier to practice medicine and manage your business. From 1998 onward, Aprima has helped health care providers improve their quality of treatment, the satisfaction of patients and their personal quality of life.

Some of the features are:

Patient Portal

The feature lets secure messaging. The portal for patients with a bilingual language allows patients to meet their own healthcare needs, as well as assist patients with dual language issues by offering portals that communicate in the language they prefer.

A user-friendly dashboard

The Easy Reporting provides an easy MARCA capable dashboard to look into KPIs more deeply or get an overall view of your job.


Aprima is able to offer its EHR in the form of an on-premise service. Customers can also download the Aprima mobile application that works using iOS as well as Android Operating systems. It allows access to smartphones and tablets via the internet.

Aprima EHR is designed to be a system designed to be mobile-first. This, when combined and their ability for replication, lets you use Aprima EHR as a
Aprima provides all the features associated with Aprima’s Ambulatory Health Community Specialists and the Primary Care Hospital Ambulatory FHQC, CHC, Rural Health Integrated Behavioral Health Home Health Visits fully featured medical device that works across all platforms.

Replication lets users work from anywhere on any device. This gives your clinicians greater flexibility regardless of whether you’re connected to the internet.

Pricing /demo

They do not have a free version. APRIMA does not offer a free trial. For Pricing and demo, kindly request the vendor for detailed plan information.


Users like aprima because It helps to organize medical records. It can be used by a variety of professions. It can be accessed from anywhere. In addition, It is easy to use.

How Praxis EMR is a suitable Software for your Practice?

The art of medicine is formed equally as it’s a science, and no two physicians practice the same way.
Based on this assumption, over 25 years ago, Praxis EMR was created. A majority of EHRs nowadays are built upon boilerplate “templates” that hurt your Medical Practice. The mere act of touching, tapping, swiping or clicking on templates can help you improve your technique and make it easier to do medical procedures.

Templates are not effective. As opposed to templates, Praxis Electronic Medical Records has artificial intelligence, also known as Concept Processing, that learns from your experience. Whatever the speciality you are in, Praxis learns your unique practice method and becomes quicker and more intelligent the more you use it.

Praxis does not just think like a doctor. Praxis has the same thoughts as you do. The majority of our clients struggled using templates before they discovered Praxis. Every day we assist physicians like you to save time and increase medical quality and outcomes for patients.

Feature of Praxis EMR:

Portal for patients and providers

Engage, inform and interact with patients online through an integrated portal that constantly updates details to communicate with patients. It also allows collaboration with other healthcare providers and the management of health in the population.

Intelligent Practice advisories

Provides medical advice and support and treatment plans using patient information. The non-template format can be altered or developed‌.

Document Manager

Archive and import papers, charts scans, documents, faxes and other electronic documents automatically using Scanaway, the software for managing documents.

Knowledge Exchanger

Get access to a knowledge base, exchange information with doctors across the globe, and record data in a personalized way to make it easier for you to understand.

Praxis Agents

Medical professionals can interact using innovative messengers on behalf of their patients. This technology is learning gradually and automatically sends out periodic reminders of events and reminders and connects with patients via secure emails and portals.

Pricing and demo

The Pricing starts from USD 259.00/month with full clinic training and software implementation included. Free Version is not available, but you can ask for the demo for further detailed information.

The Complete Guide to Aprima and Praxis EMRs

Conclusive paragraph between Aprima emr and Praxis emr

Aprima and Praxis offer two different ‌medical practice management solutions. Both have their pros and cons, but ultimately it is up to the physician to decide which solution works best for them. Physicians should consider all the features offered by both systems before deciding. In addition, physicians should keep in mind that Praxis is constantly evolving and getting smarter with each new release, so it is important to stay up-to-date on all the latest changes.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, both Praxis and Aprima are EMRs that have their own unique features. However, if we were to compare the two systems side by side, Praxis would be the clear winner. It is more user-friendly and has a wider range of features than Aprima. Although Aprima may be a little more expensive than Praxis, it still offers good value for money. If you are looking for an EMR system that is easy to use and has all the features you need, then Praxis is definitely the best option available.

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