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If you’re currently living with alcohol and/or drugs, you’re probably wondering what your life might be like without them. With The Sinclair Method, you can find out how your health and life will improve when you leave alcohol and drugs behind. Here are some of the health benefits that you’ll enjoy once you stop drinking or using drugs.

What are the risks associated with addiction?

The negative impacts of addiction can be felt in both the physical body, such as the increased risk of organ failure, or the mental state, like a higher risk of depression. Addiction is not just addictive substances; addiction also refers to non-addictive but behaviorally challenging things like gambling or overspending.

Though most people know how to stop their own addictive behavior, it’s still a difficult thing to do when faced with overwhelming triggers. YourSpacedK’s treatment approach utilizes evidence-based practices in order to better help our clients achieve their desired sobriety goals for a healthier future.

leaving alcohol and drugs behind

The physical symptoms of Leaving alcohol and drugs

Having a job can make it easier to manage the urge to drink or use, but what about when you get home? As some addicts know all too well, the hardest part of quitting is dealing with cravings at night or in moments when we least expect them.

YourSpacedk.org has come up with six great tips on how to stay sober while sleeping so that you’ll be able to remember what living life sober is like. Here are their top tips for beating a craving before bedtime: 1) Plan ahead by getting rid of any addiction triggers that may be in your house. Alcohol is easy to get at bars and supermarkets, but if it’s not there then you can’t drink it.

The psychological side effects of Leaving alcohol and drugs

The negative effects of addiction are never-ending. The physical side effects vary from person to person, but they typically include weight loss, lack of appetite, organ damage, gastritis, and pancreatitis. The mental side effects can be just as damaging as the physical ones.

They include a decrease in cognitive functioning (decrease in memory and concentration), increased impulsivity (more risk-taking behavior), and social withdrawal. Some addicts experience hallucinations (seeing things or hearing voices that aren’t there) or delusions (believing things that aren’t true). If you’re addicted to substances, you’re not only risking your health but also the health of those around you as well. Yourspacedk

So you want to stay clean, what can you do?

  1. Get yourself into a rehab center that specializes in treating addiction.
  2. Learn to deal with anxiety, stress, and depression without turning to substances. 
  3. Commit to going to AA meetings or other support groups for people struggling with addiction. 
  4. Make sure you exercise on a regular basis- this releases endorphins which can help combat cravings for substances as well as fight off depression, anxiety, and stress symptoms that may come from withdrawal from substance abuse or addiction. 
  5. Get therapy for issues of trauma or past events that may be related to the addiction; therapy can help provide coping skills you can use instead of substance abuse when negative emotions arise.

Having a relapse plan After Leaving alcohol and drugs:

How do I stop the cravings? The first thing to remember is that it’s normal to have cravings. It doesn’t mean you’re weak or have a problem, it just means that you’re human. If you find yourself struggling with cravings, try finding new ways to cope with them. For example, if drinking helped suppress the craving before, try going for a walk or doing something else to occupy your mind. You can also write down what triggered the craving and how you felt when it happened so you’ll know what specifically is triggering those feelings in the future.

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