5 Alarming Warning Signs of Cancer

What are the warning signs of cancer?

What are the warning signs of Cancer?

The World Health Organization states that the leading cause of death is cancer, accounting for approximately 10 million deaths worldwide in 2020. Cancer is a group of one or more diseases that can develop anywhere in the body.

Exposure to cancer-causing agents, genetics, and lifestyle habits are a few reasons that can result in cancer. At times, there isn’t any apparent reason to get this disease. Various tests are conducted to identify the disease in the body.

It is always better to get a check-up, and choosing a hospital providing cancer treatment in Chennai is an excellent option. But how to know if you have this disease? What are the symptoms and signs of this disease? Continue reading this article and learn about it.

What are the warning signs of cancer?
5 Alarming warning signs of cancer


Fatigue describes a lack of energy and feeling of tiredness. But it doesn’t mean you will feel sleepy or drowsy. Well, you are not motivated or energetic when you have fatigue. If you have it at an extreme, you might tend to take a rest.

But what happens if it doesn’t get better? That’s when you must visit your oncologist in Chennai and get a test done for cancer because it is an early indication of the disease. Cancer tends to feed off of the body’s nutrients to multiply, making you feel less energetic and tired. Although the underlying cause can be different for different people, it is better to visit your doctor.

Unexplained weight loss:

Weight tends to fluctuate every time. If you are not trying to lose pounds and notice a sudden and unexplained weight loss, you must immediately visit your healthcare provider.

Losing 10 pounds is nothing to be concerned about. But it is still better to check for cancer because it can be an early sign. You might also lose weight because of appetite changes like loss of appetite, which can indicate different cancer types.


Pain is an uncomfortable sensation that signals your nervous system. If you feel aching, pinching, stabbing, throbbing pain, and so on, it means that something is wrong with your body. Some types of pain end in seconds, whereas others last for a few hours.

Not all pain symptoms mean cancer, but persistent ones can result in disease. There are different ways in which cancer can cause pain. It occurs when a tumor or mass pushes on the various areas of your body or when cancer chemicals are released. In case you experience persisting pain, you must talk to your doctor for further advice.

Changes in the skin:

Your healthcare provider must assess the changes occurring in your skin, like a shift in the way the birthmark or mole looks. The mnemonic “ABCDE” can help understand the concerning causes. So what does this mnemonic stand for? A stands for asymmetry, B for the border, C for color, D for diameter, and E for evolving.

In asymmetry, half the mark or mole will not appear to be similar to the other moles or marks. When it comes to the border, there will be blurred and irregular edges. The color can vary immensely. The diameter can change and become more significant than the eraser’s size. In evolving, it refers to moles that can bleed, grow or become altered.


You have a fever when the body temperature has increased or risen above normal. Generally, it can be a symptom of flu and cold. But to understand if it is a sign of cancer, you must pay attention to other symptoms. Some symptoms include night sweats, no signs of infection, and night fever.

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Wrapping it up:

There are several other signs of cancer, and hospitals providing cancer treatment have expert oncologists who will undoubtedly help you out. Cancer and its signs and symptoms must not be overlooked.

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